Louis Scherschel founded Scherschel Wealth as a full service wealth management practice within the structure of St. Bernard Financial Services, Inc. The practice formed to address specific needs for trading agility often requested by clients, yet constrained by other financial firms. Scherschel Wealth also focuses its efforts by offering an alternative to outdated or ineffective model strategies offered by other institutions. Louis Scherschel is assisted by the CEO, Robert Keenan, as well as the other listed professionals for daily back-office support at our corporate headquarters. St. Bernard’s state-of-the-art computer systems have access to a vast array of databases and financial information. Our Advisors never hesitate to collaborate as a team when evaluating complex financial issues. With over 340 years of collective experience, our organization’s proficiency can find a financially rewarding solution to the most complicated problems.


St. Bernard Financial Services, Inc. is an Independent Securities Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Advisory firm. St. Bernard was established with a vision to fill the need for a complete financial services company. We were founded to fulfill investor needs for one source financial planning, tax planning, investment advisory services, securities, and various insurance products. Our clients enjoy the benefits and integrity of St. Bernard being independent and not being affiliated with or subjugated to the agenda of a large global firm.

  • St. Bernard is registered with the SEC, SIPC, FINRA, Arkansas Securities Department and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board.
  • St. Bernard is headquartered in Russellville and is the fourth largest securities firm headquartered in Arkansas.
  • St. Bernard has been in business since 1994.
  • St. Bernard’s investment committee is chaired by a University of Virginia graduate who holds a Harvard MBA.
  • St. Bernard has clearing agreements with Hilltop Securities, SEI and Trade-PMR


Our values remain consistent with small-firm roots and focus on the ethics and morals of Main Street communities. At the same time, we provide clients with a complete catalog of financial products and services available from the largest financial institutions on Wall Street. Small-firm culture with large-firm capabilities renders Scherschel Wealth of St. Bernard Financial unique in the financial services industry. It allows us to employ a focalized approach in the way we serve each individual client


At the heart of our practice is the belief in ethical procedures and service. We continue to provide an exceptional level of service to our clients and communities while avoiding the questionable practices of other financial institutions routinely exposed in the media. The Advisors of St. Bernard Financial have committed to a Code of Ethics and Fiduciary oath as outlined by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.