Raising a family. Building a career. Realizing your retirement dreams and enjoying the special moments along the way. While everyone has goals for their financial future, attitudes of how to achieve them vary. Some people want to know where they are headed and value a road map guiding them toward their destination. Others are more comfortable getting behind the wheel and driving until they arrive where they want to be. Perhaps more than any other influence, your conative disposition and attitude toward money define how you experience life’s journey. Scherschel Wealth provides the important framework to restore order and focus to your plan.


Scherschel Wealth serves a broad client base through comprehensive financial service. We develop an enduring yet adaptable change management system to better understand and evaluate our clients’ specific wants or needs which can include the following.

  • Personal Financial Consulting
  • Retirement & Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Life, Health & Disability Protection Planning
  • Registered Investment Advisory Services
  • Educational & Informational Seminars
  • Tax Planning
  • Business Financial Planning & Consulting
  • Executive Retirement & Estate Planning
  • Business Continuation & Executive Compensation


More than likely, the primary reason you save and invest is to finance your retirement. Before you can determine your retirement preparedness, you need to ask yourself several questions. Sufficiently answering these questions determines what legacy you may create for yourself and those who depend upon you.

  • How much money will I need?
  • Where will it come from?
  • Is my plan enduring yet adaptable?
  • Did I establish the correct goals for post-retirement life?


If you’re the type of person who likes to know where you are going in life, a Financial Status Assessment effectively plans for your future. The assessment strongly emphasizes the “meaning” behind your financial goals, not just the most efficient method to achieve them. After all, what good is having a path to achieve an endgame if the goal was not correctly analyzed in the first place? Comprehending “why” and “how” you proceed is even more critical than the “what” of your strategy. Directional Summaries help you and your Advisor understand your situation, identify life goals and determine


Status Assessments incorporate quantifiable factors and complex documents. When combined with thought systems employed by Scherschel Wealth and adequately integrated by the client, your strategy configures a path to achieve your desires.

  • Investment Time Horizon
  • Savings Rate
  • Investment Estimated Expected Return Rate
  • Inflation Rate
  • Income Tax Rate
  • Withdrawal Rate
  • Life Expectancy
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Retirement Analysis
  • Cash Flow Summary
  • Asset Allocation
  • Education Funding
  • Insurance
  • Estate Analysis


Scherschel Wealth provides structure that focuses your efforts for efficiency and effectiveness. We provide framework for rational, objective decision-making, which helps you avoid making emotional investment choices. Portfolio performance is measured by effective yardsticks to boost your confidence during market uncertainty. Peace of mind is the ultimate hallmark of success when working with Scherschel Wealth, because you can identify your investment goals. You will have an Advisor prepared to lead you to the end of your journey.


St. Bernard Financial Services, Inc. is a state registered investment advisory firm. Our investment philosophy maximizes net return within agreed risk limits as we consider client goals, tax consequences, time frame, and restrictions placed by the client. When client goals and best interests are agreed upon, a risk level is established. From there, meticulously crafted portfolios and quantamental strategies are screened and selected. Trading agility and legacy planning become the hallmark principles to configure your overall portfolio. A final review fine-tunes the portfolio and checks for errors. The outstanding results speak for themselves.


Rooted in Christian values, Scherschel Wealth serves communities with the conviction that all clients deserve unwavering loyalty and concern for not only their financial needs, but personal and spiritual well-being as well. Addressing the needs of diverse groups, Louis Scherschel understands the unique challenges facing numerous groups, which include but are not limited to the following.

  • Faith based organizations seeking values consistency.
  • Non-profit, charitable and service organizations.
  • Elderly clients needing long-term security planning.
  • Single parents addressing their unique challenges.